Corporate Account Number

Hello Valued Customer,

We are excited to continue to share updates with you on Republic Financial Holdings’ Limited (RFHL) suite of banking platforms. Effective, February 1, 2022, you can look forward to a new Corporate Online Banking solution, RepublicOnline, which will be one of your new digital gateways to banking with us.

RepublicOnline will offer all of your customary digital banking features, as well as new ones, which will bring added ease and efficiency to the day-to-day management of your company.

One of the key components of RepublicOnline is your new 12 digit Republic Bank (EC) account number, as well as your unique customer ID as shown below.

Existing Number Account Type New Account Number Customer ID
1234567 Chequing 9012341234567 123456

Your new account number(s) will be activated on February 1, 2022, and it is important for you to advise any stakeholders with whom you regularly conduct banking transactions, of the change to your account number(s) to avoid any delays in transactions or interruptions in standing orders and other automated payments.


You will be asked to complete the new registration form enclosed in your welcome package to facilitate your access to the new online banking platform. This form will require you to provide your customer ID (shown above), confirm your company and site administrator details, and indicate your agreement with the RepublicOnline Terms and Conditions.

Please visit to download and save your RepublicOnline welcome package which contains:
• Internet Banking Booklet
• Corporate Site Administrator Overview
• Registration Form
• User Guide
• Terms and Conditions

Please send your completed RepublicOnline registration form to to facilitate your access to the new system.

We have begun several virtual familiarisation sessions to support existing internet banking customers with the transition to RepublicOnline. These interactive sessions have been to assist you and your key staff members in becoming familiar with the platform as well as to facilitate any questions.

We are excited to share our full suite of corporate products and services with you and your team. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Relationship Manager or email us at We will continue to provide regular updates via email, our conversion webpage and our Facebook page.


Darrelle Harrigan
Managing Director
Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited